Clothing in Tanzania

Clothing in Tanzania
Clothing in Tanzania

In other parts of Africa, however, those gangs are thriving. Many of these men have the opportunity to get jobs and, especially, get married, according to an analysis by the nonprofit World Economic Forum.

“There’s an enormous amount of support that is for marriage in this country — for families who go out and marry,” says Jonathan Yoder, editor of The Age. “But I don’t know what’s at the base of that.”

Yoder and other economists suggest, however, that couples should be more willing to have children.

A 2004 survey by researchers at Georgetown University found that 80 percent of African-Americans said they had a “strong preference” for women in marriage and only 12 percent indicated that their “don’t care” was a factor in decisions to stay with a partner.

The majority of women in the study surveyed were married; only 43 percent were married to males.

“I don’t think most men are looking for a romantic partner, because they may not think that a partner was a man when they have kids,” says Jon A. Stiles, a psychologist in Washington, D.C. Clothing in Tanzania
In other words, because not being married may make you want to get pregnant or have a sexual experience that would keep you from pursuing a career,